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MSI Global Talent Solutions and Team Up

Partnership Helps Automotive Companies Build and Expand Global Operations

MSI is a human capital advisory firm that enables companies to improve, grow, and compete through the design and implementation of highly effective human capital strategies, and the operational business services to execute and deliver them.

Companies optimize, streamline, and unify with MSI.

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More about MSI

The world of human capital is transforming, and for more than 35 years global corporations depend on MSI’s trusted advisory expertise and managed services capabilities to manage this evolution.

Boards of directors, executive leadership and line business leaders look to Human Resources (HR) to tackle human capital management issues like the fight for talent, global expansion, global compliance challenges and the ever changing regulatory environment both at home and in countries around the globe. It is critical that HR departments are nimble and proactive to meet these demands. Human capital leaders who can bring these creative, cutting edge solutions, to support the overarching business goals of the organization, will be viewed as valued contributors to the executive suite.

MSI’s vision therefore, is to be the premiere global talent solutions company, and we continue to evolve as a professional services organization dedicated to helping companies develop and implement human capital strategies that support their global growth.

Our expertise in talent management and global workforce expansion enable us to help organizations make the best human resource decisions possible and operate compliantly and efficiently around the world. Our recognized experts consult across geographies and industries, from aerospace, to retail, insurance, entertainment and sport, manufacturing, insurance to healthcare and Bio-Pharma.

MSI offers a full continuum of consultancy and service fulfillment capabilities including global workforce planning, global mobility management, global talent management and acquisition, global expansion, and global employment services. Our compliance related services include global immigration, global tax and compensation administration, foreign payroll delivery, and global business travel compliance.

MSI maintains a global footprint of company owned and operated service centers in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. We deliver our solutions in over 190 countries around the world.

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Automotive Global Talent Management

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