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Blind Spot, Turn Signal and Brake Light Detection Using Retractable Camera: U.S. Patent No. 9,843,734

Many new cars come with a rear-mounted camera that helps the driver see what is behind the car when backing up and notifies the driver when another vehicle is in the car’s blind spot. Great idea. But what about the millions of older vehicles on the road today that do not have this capability? The invention covered by this patent creates an exterior-mounted, retractable camera that offers multiple benefits:

  • It enables the driver to see when a vehicle enters the auto’s blind spot.
  • It gives the driver a view of traffic to the left and right of the car for safer lane changes.
  • It can be maneuvered to show the driver that the turn signals and brake lights are working.
  • It provides a view of the area immediately behind the vehicle for added safety when backing up.
  • On trucks, it can be used to guide drivers when backing up large rigs.
  • Unlike other exterior vehicle cameras that easily get dirty, reducing their effectiveness, the retractable feature of this invention keeps the camera lens clean.
  • The unit can be linked to OBD port for automatic activation when turn signals are activated.

    The camera can be mounted anywhere on the exterior of a vehicle, including on the side of a school bus or truck. Since the camera retracts, the lens is kept clean during snow, rain and other messy conditions.

U.S. Patent No. 9,843,734 for a “Retractable Camera for Vehicle” would be a critical acquisition for any business in the automotive aftermarket.

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VIN and Automobile Image Database Collection Technology: Two U.S. Patents

Each and every automobile has a unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and it is used not just on titles and registrations, but by automobile wholesalers and retailers to track autos in their inventories. Most dealers have someone read the VIN off each vehicle and write it down on a notepad, then transfer the data to the dealer’s inventory database. This has worked fine for over 100 years, but it is a labor-intense and error-prone process.

This patent covers a technology that automates the process. An attendant scans the VIN, and it is automatically added to a database. Photos are taken of the vehicle that are also automatically added to the database. This economically collected, highly accurate and comprehensive data is then uploaded to the auction’s or dealer’s inventory as well as to local and national automobile databases. The technology not only makes it faster and easier for car dealers to track their inventory, it also has applications in auto insurance, auto financing and stolen auto recovery.

Patent No. / Patent Title
6,965,324 – Automotive Picture and Data Acquisition Center and Method
8,548,672 – Automotive Picture and Data Acquisition Center and Method\

The ‘324 patent has 2000 Priority Date and 30 Forward Citations. This property would be a key acquisition for any auto retailing chain or auto auction looking to save time and improve inventory accuracy, or for any supplier of inventory tracking and management software and services to automobile dealers seeking to add new capabilities to its line-up.

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Advanced Driver Navigation Assistance Module: Two U.S. Patents

Today’s navigation systems are great. No pulling over to the side of the road to look at a map, or guessing how far it is to the next turn. Today’s navigation systems can do everything but get you out of the slow lane and into the lane that is moving the fastest. Until now, that is! The invention covered by this portfolio integrates an in-auto, aftermarket or smart-phone-enabled navigation system with data from traffic management centers to guide the driver to the most expeditious route to his or her destination based on current traffic conditions! The invention covered by this portfolio also applies to remote-controlled vehicles.

Patent No. / Patent Title
9,053,636 – Management Center Module for Advanced Lane Management Assist for Automated Vehicles and Conventionally Driven Vehicles
9,286,800 – Guidance Assist Vehicle Module

This portfolio would be a critical acquisition for any automobile or truck OEM, aftermarket navigation product supplier, smart phone manufacturer, and navigation services or cellular services provider.

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