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Berlitz Language Instruction Speak with Confidence

Program options to meet the needs of busy professionals.


Whether your company is looking to expand business through mergers and acquisitions, succeed in new market abroad, or improve communication within a global workforce, Berlitz Corporate Language and Cultural Consulting partners with your organization to achieve performance objectives and a return on investment.

Berlitz Corporate Language and Cultural Consulting has over 139 years of experience in training the world’s leading organizations to develop global competence in a complex and competitive environment. We know that employees want training to fit their schedules. Organizations want training to fit their budget. With Berlitz, you can have both.

  • Programs customized to address skill requirements, time and budget, and to reflect business needs
  • Programs scalable from key executives to entire multinational workforce
  • Maximize individual and organizational performance by equipping talent with practical tools and techniques necessary to live and work in a multicultural environment

The number of ways to learn a language at Berlitz is practically unlimited. Whether it is individual face-to-face lessons at a Berlitz Learning Center, group courses at your company location, Total Immersion®, or one of the innovative online options, the wide range of courses and delivery methods allows you the flexibility to choose the program that best suits your employees’ learning needs.

Through its wide variety of language learning programs, Berlitz can work with you to train one employee or your entire organization. Most programs offer the option of multiple platform delivery, face-to-face and online.



The world’s fastest and most intense language learning solution, Berlitz Total Immersion is completely customized and designed to teach professionals to communicate in most business and social settings in as little as one to three weeks.

Berlitz Total Immersion is designed to engage individuals in a variety of real-life situations, including communicating over the phone, using the target language in social situations, and confidently interacting in both one-on- one and group settings. Learners take part in daily training modules with two Total Immersion instructors simultaneously, preparing clients for situations with multiple speakers as they would experience in meetings and conferences.



The most flexible language training program, Berlitz Private Instruction is custom-designed to meet each individual’s unique schedule and set of objectives. Personalized, one-on-one language learning can include specialized vocabulary and business expressions related to the organization’s needs or the individual’s job.

The Berlitz instructor’s undivided attention allows for individuals to learn 100% of the time, spending approximately 50% of the time listening and 50% of the time speaking. The one-on-one scenario permits the Berlitz instructor to focus exclusively on the individual. As the instruction progresses, the instructor hones in on specific areas for improvement, providing spontaneous, targeted solutions. The individual progresses at his or her own pace—easily, comfortably, and without pressure or distractions.

For increased flexibility, Berlitz offers live online instructorled language instruction via Berlitz Virtual Classroom, which can be accessed through any web-enabled computer.



Corporate Group Instruction is an economical way to provide language instruction for co-workers who are at similar levels and who have the same needs and objectives. Team members meet in groups of up to 12 individuals, ensuring everyone has the opportunity for personal attention and group participation.

Berlitz Corporate Group Instruction can also maximize productivity by coming to your company—employees won’t have to take time away from work to travel to another office. In addition, for those demanding ultimate flexibility, Berlitz offers live online instructor-led language instruction via Berlitz Virtual Classroom, which can be accessed through any web-enabled computer.



Individualized: Individualized courses allow focus on what is needed to effectively communicate in the foreign language. Whether it’s to participate in meetings, make small talk or present sales figures, you define the personal learning objectives and Berlitz creates the material relevant to these goals.

Customized: Customized courses build on individualized programs. Berlitz integrates professional terminology or company-specific content directly into course materials. Because the vocabulary, visuals and role plays are immediately relevant, they help employees quickly apply the language and communication skills in the workplace.

Custom-made: A custom-made course is a unique opportunity to co-develop materials with Berlitz. Together, the highly specialized communication skills and learning objectives needed in your specific field of work are identified. Berlitz then creates the course materials to help achieve these goals.

ONLINE LIVE INSTRUCTION Berlitz Virtual Classroom

Learn a language where and when you want


Berlitz Virtual Classroom® (BVC) is ideal for busy lives because your time matters. BVC is a live, online language learning resource that allows you to learn in the comfort of your home or office on your own personal schedule.

berlitz learning pathway

Your Personalized Learning Path: Fusing Power of Technology with a Human Touch

With the Berlitz Learning Path Generator, we work with you to create a personal learning path tailored around your ability, learning preferences, and objectives. Working with our tried-and-true Needs Analysis process and knowledgeable service people to answer your questions, the Learning Path Generator creates a customizable plan to help you acquire a new language and be excited about meeting your true goals!

Your learning path guides your experience with Berlitz. And it can continue to be modified by your instructor or Berlitz service based on your needs to allow you to keep progressing to your goal.

Your Student Materials Portal: How Are You Doing?
Key benefits:

  • See how you are doing wherever you are. Work on Online Practice whenever you have 15 minutes to spare. Waiting in line, on the bus, or in that rare moment of quiet.
  • Student Materials Portal tied to your personalized learning path.
  • Track your learning path progress in real-time.
  • Get immediate feedback on Online Practice.
  • Easily access your student materials for online or offline access.

The Student Materials Portal supports your instructors’ and your Berlitz customer service representatives’ efforts to keep you motivated and engaged as you learn to speak with confidence.



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The limits of your language are the limits of your world


Berlitz Face-to-Face Instruction® provides a dynamic relationship between instructor and student in Private, Total Immersion, or Small Group lesson formats.  Your big opportunity starts now. 

adults facetoface inpage

Berlitz Face-to-Face Instruction® is the standard by which language learning is measured. Multilingualism is becoming an increasingly essential skill for anyone wanting to keep pace with the trending proliferation of the global economy. While the advantages offered through virtual learning are plentiful, face-to-face training and interaction provide a dynamic relationship between instructor and student as well as amongst small groups of students. You will unquestionably find the face-to-face opportunity you seek with our Total Immersion®, Private, or Small Group instruction formats.

  • Learn to speak, listen, and think in your new language quickly and easily
  • Language lessons are offered in more than 50 languages
  • Appropriate for beginners to advanced levels
  • Total Immersion®, private, or small group instruction
  • Immediate feedback from native-fluent instructors
  • Personalized instruction to your goals, style, and timetable
  • Courses use the proven Berlitz Method®, to learn a language in a natural, conversational design



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Online Self-Study


CyberTeachers® by Berlitz is an award-winning, online toolkit with self-pace lessons and activities adapted to your proficiency level and personal learning objectives.

adults onlineselfpaced inpage

CyberTeachers® by Berlitz is the complete package for language learning

We are all living and working in an increasingly fast-paced, ever-changing world and need solutions that will allow us learn and also be mobile. CyberTeachers® by Berlitz is an award-winning, online toolkit with self-pace lessons and activities adapted to your proficiency level and personal learning objectives.  With a satisfaction rating of more than 98%, this platform provides you with a wide range of adaptable training media to help you achieve your desired results when and where you need it, at your own pace.

Choose CyberTeachers® by Berlitz if you:

  • Want to learn English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese or other language
  • Need maximum flexibility
  • Enjoy learning independently at your own pace
  • Want a highly affordable program personalized to your interests

CyberTeachers® by Berlitz is an easy to use platform, available from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are in control of how, where, and when you learn. CyberTeachers® by Berlitz works. Your lessons begin with an online audit to determine your level and language needs. Regular mini-tests show your progress as you advance through the program, and content is tailored to match your individual learning objectives.

Program Includes:

  • Lessons and materials for every skill level – from beginners to advanced levels
  • Updated daily lessons that you complete at your own pace
  • Content specific to your interests and learning goals
  • Training media, such as e-mail, videos, mobile applications, podcasts, community chat, and more
  • 218 job-specific profiles cross-referenced with 20 industries, including automotive!
  • Content that can be accessed from any mobile device or downloaded for offline practice



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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SKILLS For Non-Native Speakers of English

Business Communication Skills


Customized training programs designed specifically for non-native speakers of English to develop effective business communication skills.

As organizations have evolved from international to multi-national to truly global, the skills needed to communicate have also changed. In order to communicate effectively in a multi-cultural business environment, it is important to be able to express one’s ideas with impact and appropriate style.

The Berlitz Business Communication Skills Program from Berlitz accomplishes the following:

  • Equips non-native English speakers with the communication skills necessary to become effective and confident in the global business arena
  • Prepares participants to recognize cultural differences in business situations
  • Trains participants to confidently assert their opinions, use diplomatic language, persuade and motivate others and improve communication with their team



The Berlitz Business Communication Skills (BBCS) program is designed for upper intermediate and advanced non-native English speakers. The curriculum expands their existing level of English language skills by analyzing case studies, performing in extensive and practical simulations, and utilizing self, peer, and trainer-provided feedback in order to communicate confidently in real life business situations.

Based upon the participant’s needs and objectives, a personalized solution can be developed from the modules listed below:

  • Presentations
  • Leadership Communication
  • Negotiations
  • Virtual Communication
  • Meetings
  • Management Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Managing Change
  • Customer Service



Berlitz Business Communication Skills programs can be delivered in group or individual format either face-to-face or through our virtual platform. This means that live instruction can take place in any location at any time. The web-based virtual option is an especially efficient venue for training virtual teams.

Each module can be delivered as a full-day workshop (face-to-face only) or divided into 2-hour sessions. All BBCS-certified trainers are college-educated and experienced in conducting business in English.



Upon completion of the Berlitz Business Communication Skills programs, participants will receive a certificate and a final assessment, along with a USB including their recorded presentations.



Berlitz is committed to partnering with clients to deliver value-added training that brings tangible results. We offer fully customized programs for client-specific attendees where Berlitz can work with you:

  • Determine the specific communicative goals and requirements
  • Create an agenda with emphasis on the skill takeaways of the participants
  • Develop a customized curriculum utilizing proprietary materials complimented by full case studies from leading business education institutions



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Rigorous testing leads to hiring the best candidates for the job


Berlitz Language Testing guarantees the highest standard in language assessment for individuals and organizations. Language testing is available in over 40 languages and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, online or over the phone. Results are provided within two business days. In addition, Berlitz also has over 500 locations in 65 countries to offer proctoring for all of your high-stakes testing needs. Berlitz uses proven test processes and multiple performance indicators to guarantee the consistency and strength of results.

Various modes of testing include:


  • Berlitz Test of Listening and Reading Skills is a convenient, cost-effective online tool for assessing employee or applicant language skills. It is available in Spanish, French, German, Italian and English.
  • Berlitz Test of Speaking Skills is available in many languages and is customizable to focus on the specific skills your employees need for day-to-day exchanges with colleagues and clients.
  • Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) is a language proficiency test that accurately measures the oral communicative ability of examinees through an online computer-based platform. This speaking test combines the efficiency and reliability of computer-based administration with the validity of human scoring. The SOPI is available in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, and may be developed in other languages based on demand.
  • Berlitz Test of Writing Skills is a paper-based or online assessment that is designed for screening large numbers of applicants or employees.  It is available in over 14 languages and may be developed in other languages based on demand.
  • Berlitz Testing can develop assessments to meet your specific needs in terms of design, delivery, and budget.

Various Modes of Testing Available


Pick the one that works best for you

Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI)
The Berlitz SOPI is a technology-delivered, but human scored proficiency test that measures an examinee’s speaking skills.

Test of Listening and Reading Skills
A 90-minute assessment designed to measure your employees’ skills in essential tasks.

Test of Speaking Skills
A 20-minute assessment consisting of questions, prompts, and tasks to measure your employees’ verbal ability in the target language.

Test of Writing Skills
A 60-minute assessment of an employee’s ability to craft emails, memos, and reports. 

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